new job blues

Well today was my first day at the salon. And I had a truly delightful client. She’d only had two massages before today, and
both of them had been from one of my coworkers. So she was a bit hesitant to receive one from me.

But the massage went really well. In fact, upon leaving, she said that she
wanted to come back to see me. That felt
really good. And right about then, I
really needed to feel better.

You see, I am working with a bunch of really unfriendly
women. I smile at them and say,
“hi.” But each time I do so it’s met
with such a look of disgust you’d think I’d slapped their mothers and slept
with their boyfriends. I just don’t know
what to make of it.

I’m so used to working around massage therapists – who truly
are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. So to be surrounded by these distant women
simply confuses the heck out of me.

My only consolation today was to be found in the fact that I
am very good at my job – and that I am here for the benefit of my clients and
myself, not my coworkers.

But you know what?

sure wouldn’t hurt to be liked, too.




I don’t know what I was so worried about. I hardly slept last night and was anxious for
the whole drive to  Phoenix.

However, I passed my test with flying colors.

I don’t have the exact breakdown of the scores, yet. But, the general evaluation stated that my
test level for each section was “high”.


Now I can go buy apply for my state license.



Muscle_chart_200As many of you know, I was hired last summer, to work at a
salon about one block from my home. Having just moved to Arizona;
however, my licensure was not local and needed to be transferred. I checked into the process and found out that
the only way for this to occur would be to sit for the National Certification
Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). 

Happily, I sent away my stuffed packet of documents and a
couple of hundred dollars. My expected
wait was 6-8 weeks. Well, as would happen, that time came and went. No letter from the NCBTMB.

At three months I called and was told that they’d moved
their headquarters from North Carolina to Chicago, so everything was
taking longer than usual. I called back
in three weeks. At that time I was
informed that they had no record of my former call, but that they would have a
supervisor call me back in 3-7 days. 

Ten days passed with no call & no message on the
machine. So I called again, and was told
that it is, in fact, not 3-7 days, but rather 7-10 days. I got angry. I informed the woman on the other end of the line that I had now lost my
job because of their ineptitude. I asked
to speak to a supervisor, RIGHT NOW. She
asked me to hold. A few minutes later
she returned to inform me that there was a document in question. But when I asked which one she said she
didn’t know. So there I sat trying to
convince this person to find out, so that I could resolve the issue. Her response…“I’m not authorized to tell
you, but we’ll have a supervisor contact you.”

So I waited some more. A couple of weeks later I called, and emailed, this company to tell them
that if I didn’t get either my letter of approval or an explanation of why it
had taken six months, I would be contacting the Attorney General.

One week later my paperwork arrived. It consisted of a single piece of paper – the
same piece of paper that everyone receives. It told me that I had been approved to sit for my boards, and told me
who to call to schedule my examination. That’s
it.  There was no further letter of
explanation. Un-friggin-believable!

So, I’m taking my exam this Friday. And you know what? After all of that, I’m actually nervous. I wasn’t nervous a month ago. But as soon as that slip of paper arrived, I
swear I forgot all I know about anatomy, physiology, and of course,
kinesiology. So, off I go to study. I’ll be posting a snippet tomorrow, but
mostly I’m going to sit around here staring at muscles for a few days.