Happy Birthday, Sweetie

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It was 15 years ago that I gave birth to the most beautiful
person I’d ever seen…my dear Maya. Throughout her childhood she was always patient and mostly calm. And as a teen she’s a true dream. (Don’t get me wrong. She is human) But as far as daughters go, she’s the best.  I wouldn’t want her any other way. I am so proud.

Tomorrow, Maya leaves for a week in Hawaii with her best friend M’Lynn. And all I
can do is wonder how it’s all happened so fast. I hope she has a wonderful trip, full of breathtaking sunsets and oceanic

It’s hard to truly put into words my honor at being your
mother, kiddo.

It is for you that I
repost your birth story today.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sweetie

  1. happy birthday, maya! and happy birth day to you, mama. it hardly seems possible that you have a 15 year old. she’s such a beauty. i hope she has a great time on her trip. 🙂

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