woof woof

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What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

Parvovirus B19, of
course. Actually, no. I take that back. Parvo absolutely
sucks. In fact, it worked really hard to
destroy Kajsa about 6 months ago. So she
became well acquainted with our old friend IVIG
(intravenous immunoglobulin).

And it worked wonders. At one time she had over ten billion DNA copies running around in the
blood. But, with a little help from IVIG,
she was able to recover. And we’ve been
monitoring Kajsa’s Parvo levels since that time. For the most part we have been relieved to
see a steady decline.

As of last month
they were down to 100 (or fewer) copies. In fact, we’d started to joke about the ridiculously, unbelievably high
levels she’d once shown. As you can
imagine, this month I expected to hear that they were gone completely.

So imagine my surprise when Mary called yesterday to inform
me that Kajsa’s Parvo levels are once again over ten billion.

It turns out that IVIG is incredibly helpful for 2 weeks to
3 months. After that, honey, you’re on
your own. So when Dr. Morgenstern called
the infectious disease docs, their recommendation was quarterly IVIG
treatments. Yippee.

The good news is that we’ll be able to do this
outpatient. They have a little room with
a recliner. (Gads, am I ever glad I took
up knitting.) So we’ll go sit there for
four or five hours while she has her infusion. I’ll try to read and knit. She’ll
try to climb out of the chair. It should
be fun.

Oh, and for a couple of things completely off topic:

I got the job at the salon & day spa. I’m supposed to begin next Tuesday. Woohoo! I’m VERY excited to start working again.

My initial introduction to the rest of the employees was at
a staff meeting. I was incredibly
nervous. And they were all so young,
pretty and stylish. I seriously felt
like the fat girl with toilet paper on her shoe. So I just sat there and smiled whenever
anyone looked my way.

Then, when I ran into the other LMT the next day, I was told
that they all wanted to know why I was smiling so much. (Great — fat, toilet paper dragin’, and
mentally challenged.) Thankfully, she
told them that I was probably really nervous. A whoppin’ big thanks goes out to Wendy, my newest ally.

   …   …   …

And finally, I’m learning to knit socks…on circular
needles. I feel like a total klutz, but have been told that everyone feels that way, at first. So I’ll just keep knitting along.

Seems like a pretty good way to get to
tomorrow to me.


One thought on “woof woof

  1. Eventually I will start up again. I want to learn to knit hats for chemo patients.

    That recliner trip should be fun! I thought only dogs got Parvo. I always learn something new here. 🙂

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