Update on whole body donation

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I got an email today from the Community
Education Coordinator
of the Donor Network of Arizona. I had written him to ask the same questions I
did of all of you. The following are
recommendations he made to me for places to start. In fact, here’s the letter in its entirety:

Rowan, here are the answers you seek

She of course could be an organ donor and if she
cannot be or if all is donated then her body can then be transported to an
organization that does WHOLE BODY donation.  Most people think you can
only do one or the other but you can do both. One does not affect the
other.  She would just make the organization aware of her wishes and she
should be good to go.  Here are the organizations I’m aware of in AZ that
do whole body donation.

Life Legacy 1-888-774-4438

Science Care 602-331-3641

of Arizona

Hope this helps you out.  Have a great day.

So. There you have it. The world is certainly full of interesting


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