And Now for Something Completely Different

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Each Wednesday I go knit charity afghans at my local yarn store. And as you might guess, what with
it being knitting & Arizona
and all, most of the women there are significantly older than I. But I do enjoy the company and all the

As would have it, the conversation
yesterday turned to death. No, not to
the "€œOh mah Gawd, it’€™s so scary"€ kind, but rather the "€œI guess I€’d better
figure out what to do with my body"€ kind. So as I sat there cranking out the squares, we discussed local mortuaries,
none of which are apparently acceptable, cremation vs. burial, and of course
organ donation. Yep, I was present after all. 

Well, somewhere along the line, the conversation took an odd
turn. It seems that one of these women
really doesn’€™t want to "burden"€™ her family with any financial obligation. You see, she’s not close enough to them to
feel she has the right, but not estranged enough for vindictiveness to factor
in. Therefore, she’s way into the idea
of donation,€“ but feels it’€™s not ENOUGH.

It turns out that she wants "€œthem [some institution] to keep my body"€. So we discussed donating to scientific
research. But after some research of our
own, we found that even they only typically keep a body for three weeks or
so. Then it’€™s back to the family. (Organ donation is within a few days &
allows for an open casket if desired, by the way.)

At this point I’m about ready to tell her to sign up for
BodyWorlds 4. I’m just at a loss for
ideas. So it is that I turn to you, fair
readers, for inspiration. Is there
anyone among you who knows how this woman can dispose of her body/ashes for free? Something tasteful is preferred; however, she
feels no need for it to end up in any specific local.

Me, I want a green burial.  Check it out

This ones pretty darn cool, too.


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