Your brain on drugs and why I so love living in Arizona

Primitive Road

Never mind the geriatric driving conditions and the heat, now I’ve got Bozos like this guy to look out for.

Arizona–  An apartment-dwelling drug-dealer who started a small fire while cooking methamphetamine in his toaster was forced to drive to a nearby Wal-Mart
to buy a fire extinguisher after his efforts to quell the blaze proved
fruitless. Jonathan Zaletel, 19, was greeted by Maricopa County
deputies when he returned to his condominium, extinguisher in hand. The
condo’s sprinkler system put out the fire while he was gone, and
firefighters located a small meth lab in a bedroom closet.

told   The Arizona Republic   that Zaletel had tried, unsuccessfully, to put out the fire with water and window cleaner before making his trip to Wal-Mart.
Zalatel was booked on suspicion of manufacturing dangerous drugs,
possession of chemicals and equipment to manufacture dangerous drugs,
possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and criminal

Shall we examine this. 

  1. He was making meth in his toaster.  I’m sorry, but I must be incredibly behind the times.  I thought you needed an elaborate setup to make the stuff.
  2. He sprayed window cleaner at a fire.  Need I say more.  Evidently, this guy’s either watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding too many times or he’s missing a few hundred brain cells.  Possibly both.
  3. He actually went to SprawlMart ( a place he was likely quite familiar with) for a fire extinguisher and thought the blaze would be the same size.  Wow.

I can only hope that most sideline methamphetamine dealer/producer wannabes are this incredibly stupid. 

With a little luck they, too, will do the cops’ jobs for them. 

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6 thoughts on “Your brain on drugs and why I so love living in Arizona

  1. I just have this image of a guy spraying Windex at a fire, and it makes me giggle.

    Fortunately, no one in the apartment was hurt, it sounds like.

  2. Lynda:
    I had the same reaction. It’s a bit like when I trip over something and Maya laughs. She doesn’t really think it’s funny. It’s just a bizarre reaction to an awkward situation.

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