first pony ride

 Yesterday was a pretty busy day around here. We got up bright and early so that we could have Maya at Sky Harbor Airport to go see her dad, Paris, for spring break. We were about 30 minutes into the 2 hour drive when I realized I’d left Maya’s flight confirmation number at the house. So, knowing Paris would have it, I quickly called him up. I ended the call with, “So she takes off at 12:30ish. Cool.” Just as the phone was cutting off I heard “11:30!”“What?!?”It turns out that we’d all thought wrong and, therefore, left an hour late.


Well, off we went, hightailing it to (and through) Phoenix. And ultimately, we got Maya to the airport with just enough time to get through the excessively long line and on to her plane. (You just have to love spring break in the airport.)

I hope Maya has a great time in LA.

I’ll be thinkin’ of ya, kiddo.

Then it was off to the Kids Count 2007 event at Firebird International Raceway, where Chris and I were scheduled to volunteer at the Donor Network Arizona (DNAZ) booth. Well…the event had lots of great info, but wasn’t well publicized. So most of the people there were other vendors.

There was another volunteer there with us, Ruth. This was her first volunteer event. We had a nice time chatting and watching the empty space in front of us where people should have been milling about. Even so, we managed to sign up 10 new people in our four hour shift. All things considered, that was a great feat. So I feel pretty good about it.

While Ruth and I worked the table, Chris did a lot of Kajsa entertaining. She got her face painted, rode a pony – and a roller coaster, and even participated in duck racing. Yep, PETA’s probably gonna rail on me for authorizing such activities, but it is, well, what it is.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of general public at this event, all the food vendors raised their prices excessively. Even a small bottle of water was $6.00. So we went without. Next time I’ll know and bring a bunch of water with me. But we did stop at Albertson’s on the way out of town to get stuff for a little car picnic on the drive home. We even stopped at Sunset Point rest area at just the right time.

It was truly a good day.

Kajsa’s Kids Count 2007 on Vimeo

Oh, I almost forgot. While we’re talking about doing good deeds. I got this in my inbox from my friend Coleen today. tampontification They don’t ask for any of your information. And it’s an easy legitimate way to do something to help – even in a small way. If you’re so inspired, they have a motivation link for further involvement.


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