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first day of pre-school-1

Yesterday was everything I had hoped it would be.  Chris came home early from work to bring me the car.  So he was able to load Kajsa up for her first day of preschool.  I really don’t know which of them was more excited.

first day of pre-school-3

We got there a bit early.  So there was plenty of time for playing on the jungle gym.  We were in the middle of a rockin’ good game of peek-a-boo, when…

first day of pre-school-4

Kajsa spotted another kid.  The look of wonder on her face is only barely captured by this photo.  After three months isolated in a hospital room with no children (and most adult visitors wearing masks, gowns, and gloves), I don’t think she’d realized that this was going to be a real event.  I believe that this is the moment when she truly grasped what was about to happen. 

Her eyes were glued to the other girl until she walked into the building.  Then Kajsa just turned and looked at me.  I asked her quietly if she’d like to go inside.  No comment…she simply nodded with eyes wide.

first day of pre-school-6

Upon arriving in the class room (and after the required washing of hands – yippee), Kajsa immediately sat down at the painting table.  Of all things, the lesson of the day was “taste”.  Could this have been more perfect?  For a kid who’s lived most of her life in a state of almost complete oral aversion to be surrounded by lip smacking gustatorialy experimental children – well let’s just say, it was good.  It was very good.  She may not have liked everything she tasted.  But the fact that she tasted numerous items was absolutely fantastic!

first day of pre-school-7

So she sat with her new teacher Ms. Polly.  Don’t they always have the cutest names?  I wonder if that’s a requirement for teaching preschool.  “I see here that your name is Brunhilda.  I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you just aren’t right for our establishment.”  Anyway, Kajsa was really taken with Ms. Polly.  Notice the rapt attention?  I may very well be slipping in my title of:

"Most Fascinating and Cool of ALL Women".

first day of pre-school-10-2

So I slipped away with a kiss and a hug.  Outside I placed Kajsa’s backpack on her very own hook.  Yet another thing that I found irresistibly adorable.  And check out the mischievous grin on that girl next to her.  I can’t wait to find out her story. 


I left for two glorious hours.  I took advantage of the time to not only do some grocery shopping ALONE, but to head over to the college.  There, I spoke with an advisor of the Nursing College.  I got lots of great information about pre-requirements and scholarships.  As I left, it began to sprinkle lightly.  It was all I could do not to skip or dance or something else goofy as I walked through the campus.  How could I have not realized what a wonderful opportunity learning was when I was eighteen?  I guess it’s just one of those things like wisdom that we hope come along with age.  I just wish I’d realized it then.

So I returned to the school as Maya was getting out of hers.  You do know that their schools are housed in the same building, right?  Good for me – mortifying for Maya.  Maya begged out so that she could run off with her own personal Jenny Piccolo, Tabitha, to stand around looking bored somewhere else do who knows what for the next 10 minutes.  They returned as I was retrieving Kajsa.  And after wandering around the room as Kajsa showed us all her new found treasures, we departed for the long drive home. 

It was a wonderful day all around.  I’d been feeling rather discouraged lately.  (Gee, I wonder why?)  But yesterday really renewed my spirit.  I’m even fairly excited about the next year, or so.


9 thoughts on “first day photo blog

  1. This post sounds so full of hope, as it should be. Just that bag with Kajsa’s name on it makes me grin from ear to ear. And her gazing adoringly at her teacher! How perfect. She is just adorable and so confident. But I think you will always be the coolest of all women to her. At least until she is Maya’s age. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Miriam.
    I hope I still have a few good years left before the teen trials.
    I love that backpack, too. Kajsa got it as a gift a while back. We’ve been waiting for a good chance to use it.

  3. Woohoo!
    I love this post. Makes me feel so happy inside, and that’s saying a lot given the horrible, yucky blackness that was my yesterday.

    Just that backpack is enough to bring on the cheerful.
    Thanks, Rowan.

  4. Wow! That’s so great, I’m so so so so so glad that she’s home and free and off to preschool! Yay for you all 😀

    We had a preschool teacher in a weekly homeschool co-op back when Maya and Sage were 3. Her name was Wendy, but the girls didn’t get it and they called her “Miss Bendy.” I loved that.

  5. Jen:
    I guess the cute name thing is universal.
    It really IS great! With Maya I never wanted her to go off to school. I would’ve home schooled if I hadn’t been single, exhausted and horribly immature. With Kajsa, I just yearn for anything “normal”.
    Perhaps this will wane somewhat as time goes by.

  6. Your account of the 1st day joys is outstanding. I can remember the first time each of my kids went off to pre-school and each had very different reactions. Kajsa looks enthralled with the whole experience. Thanks for sharing!!!

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