Well that was random.  It’s ten ’til ten tonight and Chris just looked outside to find a small herd of cattle in our yard.  (We live in free range land.) 

We opened the window and, of course, proceeded to moo at them.  In fact, I attempted to take a picture, but the flash didn’t go off.  I would have tried again, except that Chris and Kajsa had walked out to gawk, which led to Kajsa squealing, “Hi, Cows!!!” 

It wasn’t exactly a stampede.  But they didn’t dawdle either.


6 thoughts on “moo

  1. So, is this a generic internet cow or one you did happen to get a shot of? This cow looks like a dairy cow, or a sort of sorry beef cow, or maybe that’s what a freerange cow looks like?

    I drove through open range a good bit in the area of western Arkansas where I grew up, but never had cows in the yard!

  2. Rodney:
    This is indeed an internet culled photo. I was unable to get a shot off that actually showed ours.

    They are big. Notice I didn’t mention my exiting the house. I was standing in the window to take the picture. And these are longhorns, too. They have a rather intimidating presence!

    We’re used to javalina each night. In fact that was what Chris was looking for when he glanced out the window. Those are smaller, but also alarming.

  3. Several years ago we had free range cattle that didn’t normally have access to the yard and house, but there were always occassions when they would find a way. I looked out one morning to find one drinking out of the birdbath. I found this blog by accident while researching kidney failure. Thank you for sharing your life and struggles. It helps me put our situation in perspective.

  4. Well, Sandy, I am always happy to help out in any way that I can. Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything that I can do. Kidney filure is a difficult life adjustment…so emotional & informational support is paramount.

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