TT – random strange number links

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four
  5. Five
  6. Six
  7. Seven
  8. Eight
  9. Nine
  10. Ten
  11. Eleven
  12. Twelve
  13. Thirteen

13 thoughts on “TT – random strange number links

  1. This is a really cool list! I had to click on them all…

    Have you ever seen this website?

    This board is run by John Mark Byers, the father (stepfather?), of one of the 3 kids murdered by the “West Memphis 3.”

    The websites and documentaries try to show that the 3 teens arrested and convicted of the murders aren’t guilty, and point instead towards John Mark Byers (JMB).

    JMB (or Kizza Myaz as he’s known on the boards) behaves in such an abusive and threatening way on the forums that I thought at first the whole thing must be a joke, that someone was making fun of him. If anyone has any questions for him, he calls them vulgar names and threatens them with bodily harm, or he goes completely whack and makes little sense. Then his supporters swoop in and try to clean up after him, but it just ends up reinforcing the image that he’s unbalanced, has a pretty short fuse and resorts to violence to solve his problems. Why advertise that?


  2. Jen:
    Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check that out.

    I’m not seeing that…is anyone else. Is it the comments here, or once they’re posted?

  3. What an interesting idea for the meme! I would never have thought of doing something like this. It must have taken you a long time to research those sites and choose which ones you wanted.

    If you wish to see my own TT, you can do so by following the link! Happy Thursday to you!

  4. Well, I think I fixed the comments. Let me know if you can read this. Last night I was playing with a new design. But since I didn’t hit save, I thought the changes hadn’t taken effect. Odd. Thanks for the heads up everyone.

  5. Julie:
    It’s funny what different people react to…I loved the Spinal Tap reference, but you’re the first visitor to mention it.
    I’ll swing over to your blog to say hi. Thanks for stopping by.

    You are most welcome.

    100, huh?
    I’ve never even come close.

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