The PICU nurses didn’t know what they were doing when they handed me the window markers.  Before you know it I had drawn a daisy for Kajsa and a big ole kidney.  Placed between the two was our very own sign reading "Welcome to the Family!"

What a trouper! 

She woke up a calmer and more mature version of herself.  I’ve since heard family members of donors speak about how the recipients had traits that reminded them of their loved ones.  I hope that someday we are able to learn about the woman who’s passing led to Kajsa’s transplant.  What an honor that would truly be.

It was just a couple of days after Kajsa’s transplant while we were sitting around playing with the camera that  Kajsa snapped this off. 

Strange that a 3 year old can take a picture of me that I like enough to keep.

On the fourth of July we made a fantastic crown for Kajsa.   (Dontcha just love it?)   

As I sat there missing my friends and family, I must admit to throwing myself a bit of a pity party.   But just when I couldn’t stand my own moroseness, I heard a few booms.   I talked to the nurses who let me wheel Kajsa into a dark conference room where we could see the finale of the downtown display.   It was very beautiful.

So I talked to Kajsa about the reason, and all the fun times we’ve had on 4ths past.  My mood lifted and we had a really nice time cuddling together as we watched the fireworks.

While my folks were here, we got to come home for a weekend.   Chris planned ahead to make sure that he could secure some time at a private pond where he gets to fish.   So, Kajsa was able to have her first time fishing with both her Daddy and her Papa.   This meant so much to my dad, and was a really thoughtful thing to do.

Kajsa used her new Nemo fishing pole to catch not one, but two fish that day.   What you’re looking at is the (much) smaller one.   But I put it up because it was her favorite.   It was, after all, the pretty one.   And what appeals to a little girl most –  sparklies, of course!   She was very proud of her orange, blue and green fish and brought it home for Chris to eat.   He told her it was delicious, as he spat out all the bones.

My dad had a great time, too.   Chris baited his worms, but the rest was old hat.   Just like riding a bike, said he.

I will be (slowly) continuing to upload our summer photos to Flickr.

I certainly hope that you enjoy them.


12 thoughts on “pics

  1. These are lovely photos. I love the PICU window art! If I tried to draw a kidney, well let’s just say the nurses would be wondering why I was welcoming an M&M into the family. Or maybe a skittle. Or perhaps just a big, unidentifiable blob of color.

    So glad to read of Kajsa’s progress, and the good things coming your way.

  2. ccw:
    I’ll be posting some here as I’m able. Dial-up makes for slow sharing. But I’m glad you liked them!

    Hi. It’s great to see you here. I still need to stop by your blog to see what you’ve been up to.

    Yeah right. I bet you could draw the hell out of a liver, though.

    Speaking of good things coming our way, I listen to that CD ALL THE TIME. I think even Kajsa is getting sick of hearing me bellow along with Favorite Things…and when Mandinka comes on, the whole family runs out of the room.

    Thanks to you, though, I will be purchasing my first Dar Williams CD soon. Is there one you’d recommend most?

  3. Been obsessively checking your blog and thinking of you lately so I don’t kow how I missed the last three posts. I’m SO VERY GLAD you’re home! Kajsa is amazing. So are you. So is your entire family. You made it! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, Miriam:
    I know how you’ve missed it. Your hands are so full right now. As soon as the shit started hitting the fan in Lebanon, I immediately thought of you. I popped over briefly the other night, but had no time to read more that a few paragraphs before running for a toddler “emergency”.

    Please, know that I, too, am thinking of you, and will be over ASAP.

  5. Oh, by the way…even my low-carb, jerkey munching parents loved the vegan cookies. And Danny and the Dinosaur is the best video we have.

    I still need to get my thank you cards out to everyone, but know that your care package was received and promtly consumed.

  6. I am so glad you are back. I have missed you. Now all is right with the world.

    I love the picture that Kajsa took of you. You are so beautiful.

    How is your other “baby” doing?

  7. Shelli:
    How sweet of you to think of Maya. She’s great. You know she’s starting that neat new high schol this year. And today’s the first day of school. So she was a bit dismayed that she’d be spending the day studying at the park. The girl’s got way more drive than I ever did. I can’t wait to see how it all went for her today.
    Oh, and thank you for the compliment. I was feeling beautiful that day. It’s amazing what that’ll do for a gal. 😀

  8. What a great bunch of pictures! I love the one of you, too! My kids sometimes take the best pictures of us, I think it’s because we’re not smiling for the camera when they aim it at us, we’re actually smiling for THEM and who doesn’t look great when they’re smiling at someone they love?

    Window markers, way cool! That was a very good kidney 🙂

    Glad you’re back, and even more glad that Kajsa’s doing well.

  9. I agree about smiling for the person you love. I think that has a lot to do with it.

    Thanks for the kidney kudos. I’ve practiced, ya know.

    I thought you were on vacation? How’s it going?

  10. Oops. That was just for the weekend, huh? I hope it was a nice jaunt.

    Sorry I couldn’t drop by to clean your house for you. But I’m a tad busy here right now.

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