Apparently we all have those
neighbors. I can’t believe that people
would want this man to remove his sunflowers. Perhaps if people would just slow down and smell the flowers, there
wouldn’t be a need to worry about sight obstructions.

It’s kind of funny. Where we live, you have to be on a constant
lookout. Not only do you run the risk of
hitting a random javelina or coyote, but we’re in what’s considered free range
land. This means that at certain times
of the year, the ranchers have the right to open up all the gates and simply
allow their cattle to roam anywhere. Neighbors of ours have had to call in to work, stating that they
couldn’t drive in to town because of cows on the road.

You learn to drive slowly.

Perhaps we all should take a lesson.

Speaking of neighbors, and life in our small town, it looks
like our time here is drawing to a close. There’s been pressure for this house to be utilized for different
purposes. We have a couple of months,
yet. But it’s still going to be a
bittersweet parting. While it will be
nice to be closer to schools, stores, and Chris’ work, I will miss the
closeness our two families have shared during this past year and a half.

Strangely, as Chrissy was coming over yesterday to talk to
me about this, a man was offering Chris a job working maintenance in a mobile
home community in exchange for a 2200 square foot house in which our family
could live. It gives me hope that
something good will come along.

Now, I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting photos of
our happy little transplant recipient. And I promise that they are coming soon.

As I tell Kajsa, please be patient. Good things are coming.


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