The clouds parted, and suddenly she found herself back in
her own home. There was a computer at
her disposal repaired of all bad capacitors and matrix-esc imagery. Where to begin to tell the story of the two
months prior…how to do so without sounding like a stunned victim of some
bizarre twilight zone episode.

Alas, she knew that no matter how she put it, few would
relate. And those who did wouldn’t even
need to read the story.


Hmmm…was that a cheesy intro or what? Well here I am. And I must admit to feeling a bit out of
touch with the real world these days. Enough so, even, that I had to physically prevent myself from putting
quotation marks around real world. 

I feel gloriously geeky in that I can honestly say that I
derived great joy from setting up the computer and establishing a new ISP
relationship this morning. It felt so
purely mundane – as though I’d truly come home. I found myself daydreaming of what photos I would share first, what
anecdotes I would disclose, in fact what would be too much information –
verging on either boring or heart wrenching. And honestly, I don’t know what I’ll divulge. More than likely, it’ll be all the wrong

But what a joy to be able to sit here with my still potty
training girl running around naked. It
feels like the absolute cat’s meow.

I’ve missed you all. It’s great to be back.


2 thoughts on “AAaahhhh

  1. oh! welcome home, rowan and kajsa!!! i’m so thrilled to be reading this. 🙂 i bet you can’t wait to get back to some normalcy. congratulations on returning to your own digs. hope everything continues to go well. 🙂

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