Sitting here in Limbo

Yep, we’re still / again (and again and again) in the hospital.  We we’re going to go back to the RMH (home away from home) today since nothing is growing in any of the numerous random fever related invasive tests they’ve done lately.  But just as we were about to walk out the door I was informed that Kajsa needs another transfusion. 

It’s so odd how much the kidney regulates within the body.  Even though red blood cells are produced in the long bones’ marrows, the kidney is in essence the brains of the operation.  And so far, the introductions, as it were, have not been made.  I asked one of the Nephrologists if there were cases of them never jumpstarting this process.  She informed me that while that didn’t happen, it could take along time for her body to begin producing rbc’s.  So this might simply be the second in a string of transfusions.

The other side of this is that Kajsa has to have blood that has been exposed to relatively few viruses, and is therefore rare.  So when they put in the order for blood for her this afternoon, the search was actually international.  Fortunately, they located some O+ CMV within a couple of hours.  So we should be able to leave late tonight to head over to RMH.

As for when we will be able to return home, no one knows.  I never thought I’d miss that weird little town, and I guess I don’t.  But I do miss my husband, my garden, and the ability to eat off of a plate – rather than a Styrofoam container.

Kajsa’s spirits are so much higher than mine.  The hardest part of dealing with her, right now, is keeping her from jumping off the bed and onto her little head…concrete floors and all that, you know.  I’ve now taught her a lovely new song about doctors and monkeys jumping on the bed.  I should have known that this, like everything else would have a paradoxical effect.  She now giggles manically as she hops, jumps, and does summersaults across the tiny hospital bed. 

Crazy monkey.


6 thoughts on “Sitting here in Limbo

  1. glad to hear an update from you, rowan. πŸ™‚ sorry to hear about the need for the transfusion, but glad that kajsa is in such good spirits. i hope you are back to the RMH soon and it won’t be too much longer til you can go home.
    hugs and positive thoughts πŸ™‚

  2. This is almost the summer that wasn’t – like Christmas a few years ago! Glad “the monkey’s” spirits are good. Keep yours up as much as possible, too. Need some “spirits” to help??? I love you and am still keeping positive thougthas for all of you – this too shall pass!!!

  3. So glad for an update.

    Sorry that Kajsa needs the transfusion, but I hope you are able to head back to RMH and (eventually) home soon.

    Big hugs to you all!

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