to be continued

I’m having severe problems right now with my
computer.  So it’s incredibly difficult to get anything written, much less published. I’ll be posting again as soon as I
can get this worked out. Meanwhile, I
can’t access email or this blog very easily. So please bear with me.

I’ll be
back as soon as I can…


23 thoughts on “to be continued

  1. My husband is an expert fixer. Too bad we don’t live close by. 😦

    I hope things are up and running soon, and that you have an expert fixer already.

  2. I know you can’t get in, but I’m dropping a note anyway to let you know that it’s just not the same around here without you! I hope you’re all doing well.

  3. I miss you! I keep checking back in hopes that you’ve returned. I hope you can get back online again soon and that you’re not losing your mind. *hugs*

  4. This is a note to all of you who regularly follow Daughter # 1’s blog. The computer is being sent back under warrenty for repairs.

    This weekend Kajsa got a kidney transplant. Patient and kidney are doing well so far.

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