seeds in the wind

I’m very excited. Tomorrow night, I get to meet with the Prescott
volunteer group for the Organ
Donation Advocacy Group
here in Arizona. Not only will I get to actually meet real
live people, with common interests, but I even get to have a bit of time to myself. I can hardly wait. 

Chris originally said that he’d be able to stay at home with
Kajsa, but now he and Shaun are working really hard to try to get a roof on before he
starts his new job.

Oh, that reminds me. Chris got a new job. He’s now an
employee of Home Depot. Yep, one of the
country’s most dangerous places to shop. But even so, it’s still got to be worlds safer than hanging off roofs. Not only that, but in three months he get full
benefits. What could possibly be better? Hours, and paychecks, and bennies, oh my!

So, we’re both setting out on new adventures. We’re just going to have so much to talk
about over dinner.  Yipee!


10 thoughts on “seeds in the wind

  1. I have had no luck in the job department and have given serious thought to placing at Home Depot. Good luck to your hubby! And cheers to the changes!

  2. Thanks, you two.

    Home Depot looks good. He’ll be getting some great hours and even received a raise and a promotion before starting. Apparently, he really won over the HR woman.

    As for the benefits, Costco looked best in that department, but they never called him back. Oh well, they’ll never know what they could have had. 😉

  3. Thanks, Ben.

    I’m sorry about the homesickness. I know how that feels. I never thought I’d miss Seattle. Weird, huh?

    I just signed up as a secret shopper. Shhh, don’t tell. So maybe we’ll go out on someone else’s dime. 😉

    Virtual hugs heading your way, oh homesick one.

  4. At least he won’t be shopping, since it is the most dangerous place to shop (but you didn’t say the most dangerous place to work).

    The funny thing is I wanted to see if you had email contact info because I want to ask some questions on being a donor. I put my email in. Would you mind emailing me?

  5. Hey, happy anniversary! I’m home sick today, so I get to hang out online and write comments! I hope you guys have a good one!

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