I’ve been
positively addicted to reddit lately. Generally, I can find lots of toothsome,
thought provoking articles peppered by the occasional exposé on the true and
only way to open a beer with a lighter. Fortunately, the latter are not as frequent as in other feed moderators that
I’ve tried. Here are a couple of their linked WebPages that I found interesting

  • First is the very long, somewhat dry, yet humorous
    and informative Metaverse, which
    asks the question, The last century: What the heck was that?

  • And if you manage to wade through such
    verbosity, you can reward yourself with a comic from The Pain. Just be forewarned. The author of this one also has a lot to
    say. Just in a much more low brow

  • And for that two mirrors facing one another
    illusion, I just couldn’t help but provide this


3 thoughts on “finds

  1. I’ll have to check those out when I have a little more brain power. I’ve had a crappy week.

    You can always link to me, if you find something linkable. Never fear 🙂

    I read your response to the commenters on your 13, and found it to be well-reasoned and thought provoking. If I had more capacity for thought I’d comment there, too. Sorry I’m such a loss at the moment.

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