Well I’ve
spent the last couple of days in the yard/garden (yarden?) trying to make it
into a lovely sanctuary. Boy, do I have
a lot of work ahead of me. Have you ever
noticed that on every rural piece of property there seems to be an area that is
turned into a landfill of sorts? Well,
here, the junk yard is my front yard. It
is full of rusted out barrels of half burned garbage, broken glass, and even once housed a soggy futon on which our goat, Pagan used to sleep. (Poor Pagan’s gone now. Hopefully he’s simply run off into the
desert, and not become someone’s dinner.)

But back
to the yarden.

All last
year I cursed and gave dirty looks to this horrible sight thinking that maybe the
guys were going to do something about it. But that turned out to simply be just another case of wishful
thinking. They work all week and then
want to sit around playing video games on the weekends. And really, who can blame them, anyway? If I hung off roofs all week, I’d be loathe
to do any manual labor on the weekend, too. Heck, I avoid it now. And I
certainly don’t have any excuse.

But on
Tuesday, I just got fed up with it. I
went out to plant some herbs that I’d picked up. Basil, Rosemary, Cilantro, Oregano & Dill
if you’re interested.

And I
started clearing, and digging, and digging, and clearing. Man, does my body feel it. Now I know why I’ve never seen a fat ditch
digger. This stuff kicks Pilate’s
ass …and mine.

But, I’ve
made some headway. I am the proud new
owner of a lovely herb bed. Sparse,
yet. But an herb bed none the less. I’ve mapped out where everything is going –
from the hammock to the tomatoes and have begun redirecting the former duck
pond into a winding stream that will also serve to irrigate some of my

It’s so
very reassuring to have a nice fenced in area away from the highway where Kajsa
can frolic and explore. I think that I
may even take up making sun tea, again. It’s just getting so lovely out there.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the work. It feels good to go to bed exhausted. I plan to do as much of that as
possible. I can’t help wondering,
though, when I’ll stop waking up so sore.


3 thoughts on “Oasis

  1. Hope your aches go away soon, but I completely understand how it can feel good to hurt from work.

    Your yarden sounds lovely! BTW, I love that word.

  2. We are having a beautiful spring day here, too. We have large outdoor projects planned for this summer, as well. I am both excited to and dreading getting started.

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