The evil empire
is at the door. Even if you do boycott the SprawlMart
stores, they may be finding a new way to get into your pocket, anyway – banking.

Although the overblown, corporate slave driving, mega-mart

“Wal-Mart is absolutely and
unequivocally committed not to engage in branch banking,”
Jane Thompson,
president of Wal-Mart Financial Services, testified at the first day of the
hearings. “In fact and in practice, Wal-Mart is clearly committed to supporting
community banking, not undermining it.”

I don’t believe it for a New York
second. SprawlMart is not
exactly known for its habit of playing by the rules. And I for one
am disgusted…if not a little scared.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t yet know that SprawlMart is
evil? I mean even the WalMartians we
spot wandering around looking for the best deal on humongous cases of diet
soda, must realize somewhere deep down where those low costs are coming
from, right?

Just in case, I urge you to find out more. Talk to people about dignity,
and civil liberties. Heck, even if you disagree with me, talking
about it helps all of us to come to a place of greater understanding and
cultural self-improvement. At least
that’s what I think. How about you?


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