Kajsa and I had our WIC
appointment on Thursday. What a
wonderful organization, by the way. The
woman who interviewed me was quite taken with Kajsa and lavished much attention
and adoration upon her. Naturally, we
both just ate it up.

As we were leaving, she had us go into the storage room with
her so that she could stuff a bag full of goodies for Kajsa. You know, things like bubbles, cups, and a new

Later, Kajsa was showing Chris all her loot.  Among the items was a delightful beach ball
which he promptly blew up. She took one
look at it and declared.

“Daddy, look – beach ball have tube!”

“Yep, Kajsa it sure does.”

“Kajsa have tube, too!”

“Yes, you do have tubes.”

“Kajsa a beach ball!!!”

At which point Chris and I were both rolling.


7 thoughts on “g-tube

  1. She’s certainly the cutest beach ball I have ever seen. That is so perceptive of her to reach that conclusion. Again, I say that she is a genius!

  2. Hey There! Just wanted to stop by to say Hi! (waves hello) and to give Kajsa a few virtual ((hugs)) :0)

    Got the comments you sent and hope that you won’t hesitate to contact me personally if you ever need to vent, ask questions, etc.

    It’s just too bad that you live so far from me – I could SO use a massage right now…

    Love the blog and all the pics!
    Best to you always-
    PS- TrailGuide had tubes and used to be a beachball, too!

  3. Lazy Daisy:
    That actually wasn’t my MM. I’m still trying to think of one. Can you believe that I, the queen of over-verbosity can’t come up with a darm post? Must be the lack of coffee. I’ll be sure to swing by your blog once I’ve put something up.
    BTW:I love all of you nurse bloggers. You always get my sick humor. 😀

    Aww, thank you. Oh, and genius…but of course.
    But seriously, thanks.

    I am so happy to see your comment. Sometimes you find someone on line that you really want to keep track of, but then loose them. Glad this isn’t the case.
    I’ll have to let Kajsa know I met a former beach ball.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

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