windmilling on my soapbox again

Moreena has reminded us that 
“April is National Donate Life month to promote organ, tissue, 
and blood donation, and recognize the positive impact donors
have had on the lives of so many.
Go to Donate Life for more information...”
She posted a lovely photo of her daughter, Annika, on her site as a reminder 
of the real (and beautiful) face of organ donation.
Here’s another.
I cannot speak for anyone else’s experience with being the recipient 
(or parent of a recipient) of something so rare and special as an organ
procured from another family’s loss. Sometimes I feel that our lives hang
in some bizarre, vampiric thread of reality. And when I hear people
tell their stories of loss, it breaks my heart.
But time and time again I hear that those families have felt blessed and 
honored to be able to transform their time of mourning into another’s
of joy. So yes, most of the time I, too feel blessed. We live in such
an amazing time. A time when we can help each other via something
so selfless and compassionate as giving new life to others.
Lastly, I leave you with a list found at Donor Network of Arizona:
10 Ways You Can Promote Donation
1.  Schedule a donation-related program at your church, club, fraternal

     organization etc...
2.  Print an article about organ and tissue donation in a company or
     organization newsletter.
3.  Arrange for your company to place donor cards in everyone’s
4.  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper supporting organ
     and tissue donation and encouraging family communication.
5.  Arrange to have donor awareness materials distributed at
     community events and health fairs.
6.  Your physician or other health care providers to display donor
     cards in their offices.
7.  A donor awareness message or sticker to your written communication
     or advertising.
8.  Send an e-mail with a donor awareness message.
     A donor awareness PSA is available to download for e-mails at
     DNA’s website
9.  Talk to your family about donating life!
10.  Remember, whenever you discuss organ donation with someone,
      that the most important part of deciding to be a donor is telling
      their family. Most Americans support donation, but few understand
      that their family will be consulted before donation can take place.

2 thoughts on “windmilling on my soapbox again

  1. Beautiful picture!

    I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to be on either end of the donation process.

    Thank you for the information!

  2. Thank you, ccw:

    As I said, I cannot speak for anyone else. But my experience has been that you can get used to any reality/identity. You just have to let go of your old one.

    And you are always welcome.

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