Sorry I’ve been so neglectful of the blog this week. But I’ve been very busy.

Did you know that if your insurance company deems your car
totaled they will only cover a rental car for three days after they make you an
offer? Not three days after you receive
the check. Nope. That would be too easy.

Did you further know that if you receive this check on
Saturday afternoon, Sunday still counts as a day? (Somebody hand me a fan, ‘cause it’s enough
to make me faint.) So you can see how
crazy I’ve been this week. We did manage
to procure said vehicle yesterday. This
followed days of scrambling to drive to Phoenix, Prescott  and all parts in

So what did we get? Well, considering the lack of “Hey, I just might crash the car" savings
in the bank, we were a little desperate. With the budget we had, you’d better believe we looked at some really
scary cars – with some really sleazy salesmen. Yippee! I’m telling you, that is
some fun. And if you know me at all,
which I figure most of you do, you can just imagine how well I respond to high
pressure sales. It was somewhat
challenging NOT to go back into dolphin mode.

But we eventually found a lot with, well, a lot…of
reasonable cars, that is. Of course, it
was in Phoenix. They even had three Sportages, which you may
remember is what we were considering last weekend. Only one of them fit any of our
requirements. So we took it for a test
drive, ran out of gas. (Yes that was two
separate gas incidents while car shopping. I told you – these were some classy places.)

After our test drive we checked a few other lots and then,
finding nothing but overpriced, over rated crap, we returned to New Deal Used
Cars. (Genius marketing, eh?) We put down a hold deposit and said we’d be
back in a couple of days.

So yesterday we drove down, got the Kia and headed back up
to Prescott. Yep, we had to return the rental car to Prescott to avoid a $200.00 fee. I don’t know
about you, but I think you might even be able to squeak a Hummer 79
without it costing that much. But
policies are policies. Plus it gave me a
chance to test out the car without Kajsa in the back seat. She rode in
the Impala with Chris. Apparently, every time she caught sight of me
she belted out, “New car, Mom. Rock
on!” Thank you, Chris. I always wanted a hard core almost three year

It drove okay. Great
in the lower speeds. 75 began a
vibration. 80 made seeing anything
through the shaking rear view mirror quite challenging. And 85…well, lets just say I won’t be
getting anywhere at light speed these days. The Sportage felt and sounded like a bi-plane when doing anything over 80,
and with the semis blowing me around, I wondered briefly if I might indeed be
taking flight. This just a week after a
major crash, was just a tad disconcerting. So I coasted back down to about 65, which I think made both me and our
new car much more comfortable.

Our old van, Fluffy, could get anywhere without any
problem. She was big. She was fast. She was loaded with options. And
she loved to guzzle the gas. By
comparison this automobile really does seem like a barebones, feisty little
guy. If Fluffy was a jet; then the
Sportage truly is a bi-plane. And so I
have dubbed my new little transport, “Barnstormer.” It seemed to fit. And around here, I might spend more time
storming barns than hitting the old soccer practice anyway.


9 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. I had no idea there were so many hoops to jump through with the insurance company. I knew it couldn’t be easy because that would make sense, but 3 days?

    Glad you found a car!

  2. Your ins co ripped you off. It’s usually 5 days from the day the offer is made, not including Sundays. Some companys only count business days, so Saturday is out also. Not that it matters now but the company should have extended you a day or so for customer service reasons. That’s what my company does. It keeps the people coming back.

  3. Where do you work?
    We ended up having to pay for the fourth and fifth days – Tuesday and Wednesday. And yes, the offer was made on Friday afternoon. They were going to mail us the check while still keeping the same tactics.

  4. Arghhh! Insurance companies are not your friend. Don’t get me started.

    Hope the vibration isn’t due to previous frame damage. Check out the balance on the tires. It might be as simple as that.

  5. I think it’s just a 4 cylinder thing. Honestly, it’s like gerbils running on a wheel. We are going to have it checked out, though. Don’t worry.

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