In the ditch

is where I found myself at about 2:30  this afternoon. All that time I hoped for rain, and today I hydroplaned and spun out of
control. The tires are popped, the
bumpers ripped away, and the undercarriage looks like a Brillo pad. We have a rental car as of tomorrow, and a
claims adjuster will be stopping by to assess the damage. 

My head is pounding and my back and neck are sore. But aside from that I’m OK. Thank goodness I didn’t have the kids with

Chris has been sitting at the side of the highway for hours
waiting for AAA. What a great guy. I just sent our friend
Shaun out with some Chili and Chai for him.

I know that this is a really scattered post. But I’m still rather shaken up. I’ll post more after I’ve settled down a bit.


8 thoughts on “In the ditch

  1. Just what you needed…I hope you are settled down and feeling safer and better.


    P.S. I’d like to add you back onto my growing list of doula blogs on mine. Hope you might reciprocate sometime. Are you getting to do any doula work these days or just not possible?

  2. Oh NO! I’m so grateful to hear you made it through. I hope you feel better soon. Can you have some massage friends come over and help you with your back and neck?

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