Thursday Thirteen 3.23.06

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My TT farewell

  1. Thursdays are my busiest day of the week because I drive
    into Prescott  (1 hour) to take
    Kajsa to Physical Therapy (1 hour) and then gymnastics (1 hour). After these crazy mom activities, I race to
    Pick up Maya from school and then go to my Pilates class (1 hour). I then shop with both kids in tow (lucky if
    this only takes an hour) and make the return drive home (still1 hour). 

    Upon arriving home I must use my vast culinary skills to
    create a meal which is nutritious, delicious, and satisfies vegetarian,
    carnivorous and renal diets. Once this
    has happened the last thing that I feel like doing is thinking up some
    arbitrary list for a heap of people. I’d
    rather just put my feet up and watch NBC while cuddling with the aforementioned

  2. I originally started doing TT to meet more people.

  3. The purpose after all, is to get to know the participants a
    little better each week.

  4. But I end up just throwing something together and then
    trying to catch up with all the people who have been kind enough to comment

  5. So I go out there and try to honor your lists with my very
    own comments.

  6. But I don’t know how this gets me closer to anyone.

  7. It just takes a whopping amount of time and effort.

  8. I have gotten to meet some folks I really like, though.

  9. I’m sure that I’d like more of you, if only I had the time

  10. But I don’t, and I hate to waste your time.

  11. So I think I’m going to stick to Monday Memories and
    Wordless Wednesdays, as I’ve found that I enjoy them more.

  12. And really…I still hope to get to know many of you, just
    not like this.

  13. Before I go, I wanted to take time to say thank you to
    Leanne, for coming up with this idea. It
    was a great one. It just isn’t a good
    fit for me.



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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen 3.23.06

  1. Awww, that’s ok! They are good reasons. I think I like the Monday Memories also. I did my first Wordless Wednesday yesterday and I liked that too.

    As great of an idea I think this is, it probably would be the first to go for me too.

  2. We will miss you on Thursdays, but you do have a busy day…that is definately more important stuff……Blogging is supposed to be stress release and fun.

    So see ya Mondays. and other days you are around.

  3. I find the 13 to be overwhelming at times. Like the Thursday Three would have been easier to do week after week… But, that is how I started surfing your blog, so I’m grateful 🙂

  4. Lynda:
    I saw your WW, and enjoyed it.

    You’re right about the stress aspect. And for the most part blogging is a great escape for me. But I’ve never been much of a list person.

    You are one of the people I meant when I said that I’d met some great folks. I think I’m just going to have to meet the rest in a more, um, organic manner.

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