Wordless Wednesday


Again, thanks and credit for the auto-link go to Uisce of Whiskey Talking.


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Well, if the goat won’t eat anything on the way over, it just might make it the green pastures!! Excellent photo.

    Stop by and use your vision skill for my Wordless Wednesday pic.

    My W W is up.

  2. Yes, that is our goat, Pagan. He’s the sweetest little guy.

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I was away all day and only now got to check in.

    Oh, and Katherine…Bucks – that’s prety funny in itself.

  3. That’s so cool! What a neat picture!

    I’m trying to get caught up after all of my blogger problems. What a mess! I’m so glad to be back in the driver’s seat…

  4. That cracks me up…my monkies have one of those (the truck, not the goat) and ride it all over the neighborhood daily. One of ther best investments I’ve ever made. I’m going to show this to them…should get a laugh…

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