organ humor

Chris, on the phone with my sister today, was discussing the
regional predominance of snow-birds and our possibilities for house sitting.

“Yeah,” he said. “There are all these migrant livers”

All I could think was, Is that anything like a transient


8 thoughts on “organ humor

  1. We had a temporary heart up the street once, man, all it did was throw parties! I was glad when it moved on 😉

    That’s funny, even though English is pretty precise compared to other languages, we still have a lot of room for ambiguity don’t we?

  2. Isn’t it funny how one thing will segway so naturally? It seems like a reasonable place to go with it!
    When I saw your blog title I immediately thought “mamase mamasa mamakosa” from M. Jackson’s “Wanna be starting something”. Ha!

  3. Jen:
    Gotta love those temporary hearts. I seem to have met way to many of them over the years.

    Yes, language is fun.

    Now that’s going to be running through my head all evening.

    And welcome. I really liked your blog.

    Glad you liked it.

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