Blogger Shmogger

Has anyone else noticed just how much Blogger stinks? There are so many great bloggers out there
using it. But it seems like either you
can’t post, or I can’t read you.

I hate to sound like a sales rep or something. (And by the way, I’m not.) But, I use TypePad
and love it. I’ve had a “down” day once
in, like, seven months.

I’ve heard good things about WordPress,
too. And I know that Miriam hosts her own. She’s done design work for others to

So could you all just dump the bad boyfriend already.


Blogger is annoying to more than just you users.


14 thoughts on “Blogger Shmogger

  1. lol. I am not sure I can dump the bad boyfriend. I have comments from my sister on my blog!

    I only recently started having problems though. I am glad that you posted this. It isn’t me!

    One day I just hope to host it on my own server.

  2. You said it! I moved to WordPress, and I couldn’t be more happy. EXCEPT, that Blogger won’t let me get in to post my new site address. Grrrrr!

  3. The last few days have been terrible with blogger, but I am too lazy to make a move. Maybe after I am not pregnant and over the initial exhaustion. I would like to move and get a decent design.

  4. Whew!

    I was worried that I might somehow offend you all. But, apparently, it is unanimous.

    By the way, I’m not in as grumpy a mood today. Hopefully, I’ll have something more cheerful to say.


  5. LOL! I”m actually two-timing blogger (GASP!) but don’t tell him/her/it. I’ve got some new blogs in development in Typepad land, but I will probably stay with Blogger because he was my first. (Blush.)

  6. Rowan, have you had trouble with my blog? I use blogger for one reason only. It’s free! I have trouble justifying a blog in the first place, let alone one I have to pay for. Is there a better free alternatives?

  7. Jake:
    You are absolutely right.

    I paid a fee when I first set up this site. I have more than gotten my money’s worth. I don’t know much about other blogging hosts.

    I don’t know what to tell you about that, silly.

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