Wordless Wednesday


Photo courtesy of: Paradise


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killired, mar, TN Chick, eph2810, Katherine, Lyndsay, kdubs, Mama B  

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15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow – that is cool. Most of the trees don’t loose their leaves here in AZ. I kind of miss the seasons.
    Thanks for stopping by My WW post. I’ll add your link to my list.:)

  2. Killired:
    No, it was taken by a woman from the UK. I wish I knew what kkind of tree it is. I’d go out and plant one right now. It’s just that lovely.

    all of her work is just fantastic.

    TN Chick:
    I’ll have to stop by. Thanks for the info.

    I’m in Arizona, too. But we have some deciduous trees around here. It keeps one sane.

  3. Katherine:
    You are welcome. I love to visit everybody on Wednesday. Sometimes you can tell more about where people are coming from by their pictures than their words.
    Speaking of, your’s was an absolute hoot!

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