tofu continued

During dinner tonight Kajsa demanded seconds and even thirds
of tofu. Not a problem for me, but I did
have a little investigating still to do from Saturday’s cuddle session.  I figured I’d find out once and for all what
she was thinking with the whole Tofu gobble-fest.

“Kajsa,” I said “What is tofu made out of.” She looked at me. She looked at Chris. And then she smiled and said, “Beans.”

Now how in the world did she know that?

But I guess it’s settled. Little Miss is officially endowed with a wicked sense of humor.


4 thoughts on “tofu continued

  1. ccw: Thanks. I just had to share

    Harmonia: She’s grown up surrounded by the stuff. Must be learning through osmosis. ;-D

    libragirl: There’s your new thing for the day.

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