It’s been flurrying (is that a word?) all day. Kajsa thinks it’s fantastic, while the rest
of us stare in disbelief, wondering if we’re really still in Arizona. I was walking around barefoot – outside – all
last week. 

This evening, as Maya was packing for her trip we repeatedly
lost power. Try explaining that to a
two year old. “No, we can’t turn the
lights on.” and “No, this isn’t a game.”

It occurred to us, around that time, that the church group
with whom Maya was to travel would, literally, be driving right past our
house. So we called Maya’s friend (the
pastor’s daughter), Sarah to ask her how they’d feel about stopping by to let
Maya hop on the bus.

Evidently, the chaperone for the youth group, already felt quite
put out by having some heathen kid riding to Disneyland
with them, and was dead set against the idea of being further inconvenienced by
having to stop for 5 minutes.

So at 10:00 this evening Chris and Maya drove off into the night. Chris called about an hour and a half later to inform me that they’d had
to navigate through several inches of snow to get in to town. It’s normally a 45 minute drive from our
house. He was going to turn around and
try to make it down the mountain before it got much worse.

As we got off the phone, he spied several tow-trucks coming
from the direction he was headed. My
last words to him were to drive slowly and carefully, and to stop if need
be. I’d rather he sit at the side of the
highway all night than not make it home at all. So now, here it is 12:30 am
and I’m walking circles into the carpet while I wonder where and how my husband

You know, when we moved out to our little mountain, I
thought living here was going to be boring because we’d be giving up Starbucks,
cell phone service and drive-by-shootings. But no, there’s almost always something to keep us occupied – if not

…….edited to

Chris came stomping in about 15 minutes later – all macho and touseled.  He said the worst of it had been just before he called.  The roads, while slick, were not as treacherous as they first seemed.  Relieved, I promptly went to bed, slept warmly, and awoke to the beautiful sight of our first Arizona snowfall.  It is lovely.



  1. I hope you update right away and tell us that your hubby got home okay. Snowy mountain driving when you aren’t used to the snow, must be terrifying. Especially when you are the wife at home worrying. I hope they are okay and safe.

  2. I hope Maya’s having fun. I can understand you worrying (both about Maya and Chris!) I’m glad he made it home safely. But of course they wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced by a heathen child – but wouldn’t Jesus have helped?

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