Maya and Mickey

Maya leaves tonight for Disneyland
with a friend’s church group, and I’m really freaked out. No, it’s not my typical trepidation surrounding
evangelical brainwashing. You see I have a huge phobia of two places: Home
Depot and Disneyland. And yes, I can see you out there rolling your eyes right now. But really, there’s documentation to back up
my anxiety.

Here Jim
Hightower talks about the deaths that have occurred at Home Depot. I originally listened to this a year ago,
when Chris was building Maya’s room addition. So, of course, I called him up and told him to be extra careful. He, as would be expected, laughed at me. But these things really do happen. I have recently reentered the nation’s number
one home improvement store. But I carefully
walk through the center of the aisles and never let Kajsa out of the cart. Poor, poor deprived child.

As for Disneyland, there just doesn’t
seem to be a place to stand that is safer than any other. Time
magazine has information about all of the injuries including deaths. It also details your chances of becoming a
statistic, which I’ll admit is rather
slim. But still, I know how my luck
runs. So Maya has strict instructions to
keep her eyes open and her hands inside the cart at all times.

Just to make certain that I’d looked into both sides of the
story, I tried to check with the Disney
here, but after an hour of waiting, the page still hadn’t loaded. So, I verified these facts with the ever
reliable Snopes here and here.


2 thoughts on “Maya and Mickey

  1. You crack me up! There are things that freak me out that the rest of my family laughs at me for. I used to be even worse when I worked in Peds and saw the worst case scenario of everything. Sort of Hypochondriacism gone wild! So I can relate!

  2. Can hypochondriacism go much wilder? If so are there videos? I could probably relate waaaaay better to those than to any Girls Gone Wild video ever made.
    Maya saw this post on the computer whan she got home. She just patted me on the back and said, “Happy thoughts, Mom. Happy thoughts.”
    Hey, at least my kid gets me.

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