Well I made the mistake of submitting my URL to one of those
snarky sites that rates your
blog. I honestly hoped that I’d get some
good, objective feedback about my design. And I did get some of that.  I’m
really thankful to the people who told me to clean up my sidebars. I’ve known that I should do that for a while,
but it’s so easy to get irrationally attached to funny little buttons and

Also, to the people who told me that red font on an apple green background is
ugly…yep, I know. That was just a
residual from when my dad suddenly lost most of his sight in January. There are simply some things that haven’t yet been
attended to. It’s the same story with
the huge font that so thoroughly offended some of you. It is also a throwback to the time before my
dad purchased software that would enable him to once more keep tabs with his

I’ve seen your design feedback. I am absorbing it, and will continue to work
at making my site more aesthetically pleasing. I do thank you for the critique of my format. Really, I do.

What shocked the hell out of me; however, were the people
who were rude for no apparent reason other than the fact that we will never
meet in person. Dear heavens, what a
bunch of jerks. I had people calling me
a freak because I had a water birth/labor. I
had people calling me a freaky freak because I wrote about it. And I had people (and I use that term
loosely) freaking themselves out over a sliver of my low back being exposed in
the photo that I included when documenting that memory.

I further got to read the critiques of people who feel that
I am a hypocrite because their perception of me as a “granola” hippie was
crushed by photos of Kajsa wearing a disposable diaper. Holy cow. What a swarm of alarmists.

I never knew that blogging could be so rude. Naïve little me. I thought it was a great tool for connecting
with like minds. And up until now it has

I have, through my reflection of those comments, come to an
even greater appreciation of my blogging friends. And you know what?  I don’t feel bad at all that there are
enough of you to crowd my sidebars.


11 thoughts on “THE REVIEW

  1. Seriously, Rowan? I am sorry that people are asshats. You are a wonderful person and if they are blinded by things that they do not agree with, then there should be no loss felt by you. Nor should you give their opinion a second thought. They are small minded, disrespectful people who do not deserve you as a friend.

  2. Shelli:
    Thank you for the kind words. What stinks is that, although I knew what was happening, I still let it upset me.
    But that was yesterday. Today, I can just relax and get back to my own life. I think I like it better anyway.

    You’re right, of course. Sorry about the online breakdown. Thank you, too for being so thoughtful and kind.

  3. What a bunch of assbags! (I was going to use asshats, but I saw that Shelli beat me to that one)

    I’ll admit that the giant font was an adjustment, but I knew why you were doing it and thought it was so sweet and loving of you to help your dad.

    I’ll just say that I love you and your water birth, lower back, pregnant wedding pictures, disposable diaper wearing girl, etc.

    People like that are lacking something in themselves. It is not normal to need to make others feel small to make yourself feel big.

  4. Man, constructive criticism is one thing, but why be a jerk?

    For what it’s worth, I love your birthstories and the other stuff you write about. So there.

  5. good lord! that’s awful that ppl could be so frickin rude and insensitive. 😦 i hate it when ppl attack you just because you have a different opinion or don’t do things exactly like they do. how close-minded.
    you are a rockin’ woman and mama and i enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

  6. ccw:
    How about just plain old asses? I’m glad that someone has an appreciation for my freaky freakin’ freak self and my freakity adventures.

    And it’s nice of you to address the issue of my father, too. He’s now able to view my blog through some really cool program he found. I guess you’ll just have to readjust to a smaller font. 😉

    My point exactly. All was hoping for was some constructive critisism.
    I’m glad you like it, too — one geeky freak to another, eh?

    If I remember correctly, you’ve had some experience with hurt feeling through your site, too. Even though I didn’t personally know these people like you did, it still feels rather yucky.

    And thanks for the compliment…it is wholeheartedly returned.

  7. If you want and like your blog packed with ads, and glittery things, so be it. If you like scrawled red font on green background, or have a sensible unpublished reason for it, do it.

    These people are only reviewing from their opinion. And this is my opinion, and above are those of the people who regularly read your site.

    None of our opinions matter. What matters is yours, and the original reason you set up this blog. For your own reasons, reviewed or not, fonts or not, diapers or not.

    If you want to write about the colour of your baby girls shit for a week, thats your perogative.

    Upon submitting your site for a review, just means simply that you’ve opened yourself up for more opinions. Thats all.

  8. I think you should keep your blog the way it is. Everyone’s is a little different, and your design is very different than anyone else’s I’ve ever seen. Remember when I first started visiting this Blog and I asked why the font was so HUGE and you said so a relative with poor eyesight could read it… that was so cool.

  9. Ah, people. Ignorant people. Don’t you know that people get all mean and nasty when they don’t understand something? They’re missing out on understanding the beauty of your life and that’s just their loss. I love your blog and I don’t come here for fonts or colors or sidebars – I come here for your thoughts and stories, which by the way, you are VERY good at telling. So screw them. 🙂

  10. honeysmack:
    Hmmm…Glittery things and documenting Kajsa’s shit colors for a week. I hadn’t tried that before, but now that you mention it…what a fabulous idea. I’ll be sure to give you credit.

    Jake Silver:
    I can always count on you to have something kind and honest to say. We find friends where we never would have expected them. Thank you for being one.

    You continue to be my Take No Shit Superhero.
    You say you like my stories…
    What do you think; could I come up with a good one about fecal hues? ;-D

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