Rockem_1Tonight Chris and Maya decided to do a massage
exchange. Chris received first. When it was time to switch, Chris asked if he
could have a moment before he jumped up to give hers.
Apparently, he’d left the TV on with out
sound, because Maya’s response was, “Sure, but do I have to keep watching this
muted boxing?” To which Chris replied,
“Yeah, but you know, that’s still way better than the blind boxing. That shit gets boring really fast.”
Yes, it was horribly insensitive, but funny
none the less.

March_06_045_1There’ve been a lot of massages around here lately. Kajsa and I got ours yesterday. Here’s a photo of Kajsa receiving.
Her assessment: “So nice!”

I love my dorky family.



  1. Cool! Can you come give me a massage? I am very achy for some reason. I have Lupus and I fear that I am having my first flare up in several years.

  2. I would looovvee a massage about now. Poor Mr. MFBA just cannot get it right these days b/c nothing that I liked even a month ago feels good today.

    We are a household of dorks, too. I love that!

  3. HILARIOUS! I love your dorky family, too.

    Man, I’d watch any old kind of boxing to get a massage. I keep trying to tell Davin that he’d really enjoy massage school, just because I think it’d be great to have a husband who’s also a trained massage therapist. Is that wrong?

  4. ccw:
    Like I told Shelli, I would if I could. Too bad we aren’t all closer.

    You’d think that it’d be cool. But Chris and I rarely feel like giving each other massages. We have to beg and gnash our teeth to bring work home. But when we do get some work, it’s so worth it.
    I guess I owe him, now.

  5. Thank you. I think so, too.

    I wish I could help you. I guess the only thing I can tell you is to have Todd do dishes as often as possible until the baby comes.

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