Index_photo_1I am so unfathomably sore. I am still waiting for the day when I start being strong, and stop JUST
being unable to move. Some day I hope to
be able to say, “Yeah, you like this body? Thank Pilates.” In the meantime,
I’m just going to crawl over to the shower and try to keep standing long enough
for some relief.

(Oh, and by the way, no, that’s not me in that photo. But with a little perseverance, it will be.)


5 thoughts on “PAINFUL HOT MUSCLES

  1. Jake:
    Chris is also a massage therapist. He gave me a little rub when he got home last night, but quickly begged out saying he was tired. I’m hoping to hit him up again before I have to go to kick-boxing. Yep, you’re right, though. It’s no fun to know exactly what would work, but have to ask someone else to do it.

    No, some days it’s a good sort of pain. But last night we worked on (my much neglected) back muscles. Today I feel like someone spent the night hitting me with a meat tenderizer. I’m hoping that my workout tonight will loosen things up a bit.

    I just have to remember all the good it’s doing my heart, lungs & spirit.

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