TeddybearFor those of you who read my blog, but are not part of the
blogging community itself. I would like
to make an appeal. For several months, I
have been following the story of brave Annika
and her equally courageous mother, Moreena.

Well, Annika has been in and out of the PICU at Chicago’s
Children’s hospital for quite some time now. And just when we thought that things had about reached the bottom, their
insurance company informed them that they’d reached their annual max…for

So folks all over the blogosphere are setting up
fundraisers. And no, this isn’t a
scam. In fact one of the immediately
mobilized help-sites states:

NOT cut and paste this text and email it to all of your friends. We do not want
to become spam; we do not want to have the email message show up in our inbox
five years from now when Annika is happy and healthy and living at home and
causing her mother no end of trouble. Practice responsible internet
! Link to the pages so that interested people can always get the
most recent information.

I cannot imagine the sheer horror that I, and many of you,
would feel if this were to happen to Kajsa. So while I am not the most financially stable person in the world, I do
have a big mouth. I figured that I could
use it to share with others who may have more resources…or even ideas.

page links to most of Annika’s help pages.

Thank you for caring.





  1. I am just so worried about the Annika family. It is so weird that you can never have met someone and yet they so touch your heart. I have been reading their blog since before she entered the hospital and I am devasted for their family.

    I am going to put something similar up on my blog as soon as I can. Probably tomorrow or Wednesday. I want to do it when I don’t have any other posts so that it doesn’t get missed or passed over.

  2. I know what you mean. I put this one up a day or two ago, but no one swung by then. Now it’s pushed down.

    I cannot express how much my heart goes out to all of the members of that family. Nor can I imagine being in their shoes.

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