I am genuinely amazed at the speed with which Kajsa is
learning to speak. Yesterday I went to
kickboxing and didn’t get home until it was time for dinner. We all ate some super yummy veat-ball subs
and then I went in to change Kajsa into her PJs.

I asked her what she’d done while I was gone. She let me know (with the help of the dad)
that she had smashed pumpkins with her friends Ash and Ember. Where
and how they obtained these pumpkins in February is something I didn’t think to
question until later.
But I did ask
her, “Did you enjoy smashing pumpkins?” To which she replied, “Yes, Daddy enjoyed it, too?”

Now when did
she pick up past tense grammar? How does
this happen so quickly?  These types of things happen every day. I swear, I spend half my time just staring at
her with my mouth hanging open in wonderment. What a blessing.


Coincidentally, ccw also posted today about her
daughter’s verbal leaps.


9 thoughts on “GENIUS, I TELL YA

  1. My niece is starting to talk. It’s freaking me out. She says bye bye to everything. She says thank you. But at appropriate times. I can hand her something and she says “Tank you” in that little baby voice of hers.

    She is starting to walk. If you can figure out how to make them slow down in the growing up, I’d appreciate it.

  2. Isn’t that true? It amazes me sometimes. Isabelle will go away to her daddy’s house and when she comes back a couple days later it is like she has learned a whole new part of our language.

  3. One time when my neice was just over a year she was a chatty cathy well I asked if she liked to collect rocks for her sand box and she replied : “sometimes I like to” I was stunned since when a child that young know how to use the word sometimes in the proper use…

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