Javelina_crossing_1I finally saw a Javelina. We’ve been here for almost a year now, and I kept thinking that I’d come across one some night as I meandered next
door. So far, though, this has not occurred.

So, imagine my surprise this afternoon when I had to stop
short on the highway to let 4 of them cross. “Maya,” I yelled pointing, “Wake up. There are Javelina in
the road.”  All I got in response was a
muffled “Mmmph.”

Could these be the same scary sounding animals that I hear
at night…the mysterious creatures that get all of the dogs barking and
frothing at their mouths? Why, these
things were positively cute. Three of them
crossed quickly, almost before I could register what was happening. The third, more timid, Peccary paused before
venturing out. So I got a nice look at
him (her?).

Javelina1_1They were also much smaller than I’d imagined, perhaps 40
pounds. At first I wondered if they
could be young, but quickly dismissed this notion since it is wintertime. After researching this interesting critter,
though, I found that Javelina have no defined breeding season; the babies,
usually twins, can be born in any month. I additionally discovered that they only get to be 40-50 pounds. So I guess I’ll never know.

It’s always an adventure out here. I only have a few animals left to discover
that were on my original ‘to see’ list. So far I can check off Gila Monster, Ring-Tail Cat, Bald Eagles, Tarantulas
and many, many bugs.


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