There are a lot of strangely creative folks in these
hills. That or they just get tired of
looking at cacti and rocks. There’s not
a lot that you can do to change up a Saguaro, although there’s a guy in
Congress who keeps his wrapped in Christmas lights year round.

People get a bit more imaginative, though, with the
boulders. Most people around here
intentionally highlight theirs, as most everyone has one or two in their yard. There’s a home in town that has their lawn
furniture set up in the shadow of three conjoined boulders.

The most unusual, I’d say is the frog. If you left Phoenix heading toward our home, you’d pass through Wickenburg and then Congress before
winding up our little mountain. Just
before your ascent though, you might be surprised to see this off in the

Frog_arizona_yarnell_1"What is that?" you ask. Well, it is, of course, the Congress frog. This local landmark is about 50 years
old. It sits across from the Arrowhead
Steakhouse, which by the way serves up a mean order of French Fried Carrots.

Were you to meander the next nine miles and 1730 foot
elevation to our tiny mining town, you might then take a left to visit The
Shrine of St. Joseph. This features the
stages of the cross and is built upon, you guessed it, boulders. We went there the day the Pope died. It was strangely peaceful, yet felt “right.”

We used to have a professional spider milker here in town,
but I believe she’s moved. So you may
just have to settle for a quick iced tea and some grub at The Ranch House, before
heading back down the hill. If you still
need some time to stretch your legs, you could stroll around Brand New Dead
Things looking at snake vertebrae ear rings and other kitschy gewgaws.

White_elephant_yarnellWhile enjoying the lovely view across the valley, be sure to
look out for the white elephant. Kajsa
loves this odd rock painting and calls it her elephant, saying hello and
good-bye to it with each pass.

As you take your leave, make sure to stop by John’s produce stand just
after the Congress Outdoor Flea Market. He’s a really nice guy, who’ll give you prices you just can’t find at
Safeway or Basha’s.

(Photos a bit hard to see?  You can always click to embiggen.)


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