As seen over at my niece’s Myspace.  Apparently, she most resembles Gwen Stefani. 
If you knew her, you’d believe it…No Doubt.

Thanks for sharing.  I love always hearing from you!

And as for me…

Which Rock Chick Are You?


5 thoughts on “JUST A LITTLE SCARY

  1. Shelli:
    Goodnes yes. I am just that much of a hottie. And I always wear blood red lipstick. You can imagine that, right?
    Actually, I think that they were talking about personalities. Once Chris stopped trying to guess folk singers, and I got through to him that we were talking about female ROCK stars, he guessed right away.

    OK. I had to look up Tairrie B. on google images & Wickipedia. I still don’t know who she is. But at least I know some of the names she’s worked with. Now my interest is piqued.

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