Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about
my first real memory of a Super Bowl?

This is about a week late….  Oh well. 
I’m sure you can all live with that, right?

Back in 2000 when I was teaching at Ashmead, we’d recently undergone a curriculum change.  The workshops, which had previously been held during several massage practice classes, were now to be covered during one weekend at the end of each term.  So there I was teaching pregnancy massage to a bunch of students who would rather be pretty much anywhere else.  About two semesters into this schedule, the class fell on none other than the weekend of Super Bowl Sunday. 

Out of a class of approximately 18 students, only about 5 bothered to show up.  None of them, mind you, were male.  So I enjoyed my small class; giving each student highly individualized instruction.  I didn’t think much more about it…until about 6 months later when I met and then began dating Chris.  Yes, it turns out that Chris was one of the students who’d picked that weekend to play hooky.  We joked about the fact that the one opportunity he’d ever had to have me as an instructor, he’d skipped class.

And it was pretty funny for a few years.  But you know when it stopped being funny?  I’d say sometime around mid-October 2002.  That was, you see, when we found out that we were going to have Kajsa.  Now can you imagine being married to a massage therapist and telling him, “Sorry, Honey, I just don’t trust your work.  So I’m going to go see somebody else.”  Yah, I couldn’t either. 

So Chris got a sort of crash course in Pre & Perinatal Bodywork.  I did have a decent amount of pain relief, and he tried his best to anticipate my needs.  But he just could have been that much more confident if only he’d missed Super Bowl 34. 

The moral of this story:
  Don’t cut Pregnancy Massage class – even if you think you’ll never use it.

You never know when it might be taught by your future wife and mother to your children. 

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15 thoughts on “MONDAY MEMORY 2.13.06

  1. Sarah:
    Yep. He never knew what was coming. Come to think of it, neither did I.

    That’s a pretty apt analogy. I had tested him once during a Kineseology practical. He still talks about what a bitch I was. Can I help it if I want my profession to be well represented?
    As much as it makes me shake my head in wonder, we really are pretty perfect for each other in most ways.

  2. He doean’t try to ge away with too much, these days.

    Since he’s been back in school, he has occasionally tried to skip. But I tend to ride his case about it. After all, you never know what might be covered, or by whom.

  3. I just meant that eventually he paid for his crime. Or maybe you were to kind to ever let him know that it bugged you. Probably the latter now that I think about it.

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