Cakerising_3Lest I get too weepy or nostalgic for Seattle, I must remind myself of a few of the fine opportunties provided by our fine desert life.  Among them, dashboard dining.  (Yes, Virginia, you can cook an egg on the sidewalk.)  One could never do that in the grey cool of the Pacific Northwest.
Heck, I can hardly wait for Spring so that I can try out this coffee cake


4 thoughts on “CARKEY CUISINE

  1. That is just weird! Probably we can do that in the summertime here in Minnesota, too, though! I cannot imagine living in Arizona. I really don’t like to be hot. I think I might be miserable. But I would come visit you if I could.:)

  2. Shelli:
    If I know your a comin’ I’ll throw a cake in the car.
    The heat drives me nuts, too. Fortunately, we’re in one of the only shady places in this part of the state…and we are in the (relative) cool of the mountains.

    I know your a wus for the heat. But just imagine the healthy vegan possibilities. You could post recipes themed to the vehicles in which you cooked them. OK. I think I went a bit far with that, huh?

    I’m glad you liked it. I love the thought of some woman making coffee cake in her FPOGE. Imagine what the junior league would think.

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