1. Taking sides:: parental debate (see next post)
  2. Couples:: skating (Can’t you just hear the Billy Squire?)
  3. Right of refusal:: unnecessary procedure
  4. Marla:: Clown fish ( I know. It’s Marl-in, but I’ve only ever known one Marla, and I don’t remember much about her.)
  5. Mutliple:: births
  6. Trinity::  follow the White Rabbit
  7. Sneeze:: chooo
  8. Sweatpants:: ooh, yummy, comfy — home
  9. Steve:: Nicks & Wonder (You can’t spell Steve with out i?)
  10. Fabulous:: Absolutely!

Odd. So many of those
were media based. I had no idea that my
head was all tied up in movies and music this week.

Unconscious Mutterings


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