Word Cloud

It’s another one of those things that slowly works its way through the blogosphere. 

Here’s mine:


8 thoughts on “Word Cloud

  1. Hey Rowan! How did you do that? I went to the site and it generated mine, too. Did you just copy it? I might have to do mine over again. I was just curious how you got it onto your page because I expected code or something.

  2. Shelli:
    I sinply saved the image to my computer and then placed it in my post. I did not hit the finish button, as when you do, the image is no longer available. Although I think I’m just about dork enough to get a shirt of it. No one would know what it was, but I would still enjoy wearing my words.

    Hey! I’m so glad you popped by. I hope the vacation is treating you well. Is it hot enough for you? ;-P Now go enjoy yourself.
    Oh, and thanks for the nice words about the nice words. I liked yours, too. It’ll be good to see what fresh ones you bring whaen you get back.

  3. I’m thinking about it, actually. I think it looks cool. People would ask me about it and I would then hand them a business card with my web address. See it is all about promotion. lol If you get one too, we can wear them on the same day and get our picture taken together in them. Oh, wait, we live thousands of miles apart. Um, we can photoshop them together?!

  4. Yep. It’s fun little gimmick they’ve got going there.
    Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing someone wearing one? I know that I’d be tempted to run over and introduce myself.

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