I posted a while ago that I was to begin a physical
education class
at the local community college four days a week.. Well, I began yesterday. And I must admit that I am currently both
exhausted and sore. I will be heading
over to the bathtub (complete with lavender Epsom salts) in a few minutes. 

I’m currently not certain which is winning — my spirit’s
sense of pride or the loud protestations of my pecs, abs and triceps. But it will be worth it to be able to play
easily with Kajsa, to wear the clothing that I truly enjoy, and to live a nice
long life. 

Here’s to doing things we loathe in order to improve


4 thoughts on “OH SO SORE

  1. Yay yay! I’m happy for you – and proud! You’re doing it for all the right reasons – and having to go to a class should make it easier, right? It WILL get easier. Enjoy that bath!

    I’m afraid to see just how out of shape this pregnancy is making me. Once I pop the baby out I’m going to have to do more than pretend to exercise by stretching and walking.

  2. Oh Miriam, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I have a feeling that you’ll snap right back. You have such a healthy attitude about life.

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