Maya News (NELA)

Header4_1I’m so excited!
has been accepted into Northpoint  Expeditionary Learning Academy which is opening its doors next fall in Prescott. This should be a great experience for
her. The school only allows 100 students
for each grade, so she’ll have a lot of personal attention. It is also very focused upon college
preparation as well as, of course, experiential learning. 

If you don’t know what that means, the website explains it
much better than I could. But basically
it has to do with taking learning “expeditions” that include several subjects
at once.

For instance if
she were to study, say, Seattle’s
Seafair  with her classmates:

  • They would investigate the history of the area,
    including tribes, immigrants etc. to get a sociological demographic.
  • They’d look into the history of the area in
    terms of how the water in the area brought the specific population that it did
    and how this enabled the development of a certain area culture.
  •  They might further look into the economy of the
    fair itself. What it contributes to the
    local finances.
  •  They’d examine the ecosystem, including native
    animals, plants and the effects over time. Perhaps they would schedule trips to study these things first hand.

After all the learning expeditions had been investigated,
then each student (or student crew) would present their findings. Now mind you, that’s just one example that I
came up with off of the top of my head.

But all in all, it sounds really great to me.

As I said, I’m very excited.


4 thoughts on “Maya News (NELA)

  1. Sarah:
    Isn’t it, though? Yippee!

    I am!! I’ll pass along the congrats.

    I think it will be very special.
    And thanks for the progeny ego boost. ;~D
    (Sometimes I think all I need is a a wallet with 20 photos hanging out of it.)

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