Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about

  1. I woke up late – skipped my shower, swore at the coffee pot. Should have sworn at myself as I am the one who didn’t clean it out Wednesday night.
  2. Kajsa was extremely grumpy yesterday morning, so not only was dressing her a real pain, but she additionally did not want a moment of alone time.
  3. Thursdays are the day that Kajsa has physical therapy at 1:00 and gymnastics at 3:15
  4. Both of these activities take place in Prescott, which is a 45 minute drive each way.
  5. It SNOWED for the first time. And although it was beautiful, it did make everyone drive very slowly. Added to this, is the fact that we live in Arizona where half the population is over 65. So you can just imagine what very slowly really means.
  6. After gymnastics, we needed to pick Maya up at the health food store and purchase some sundries.
  7. Later we had a 6:00 to 8:00 meeting with the school board about enrolling Maya in a new expeditionary learning high school. This sounds super cool, and I really hope her application is accepted.
  8. Although we left the meeting a little early, we still didn’t get home until around 8:30. This left only 30 minutes until ER.  And I don’t like to miss ER, even when it’s a ridiculous re-run. Grrr.
  9. I spent that 30 minutes making and eating a quick dinner.
  10. Then for the next hour, I contentedly watched the aforementioned re-run of ER, while Chris and Maya baked cookies.
  11. After TV time, Kajsa needed to change into her PJs. This included, peepee time, argument about which slippers to wear, and wiggling to “amuse” Mommy.
  12. Then I needed to tear down & set up Kajsa’s dialysis machine, make her renal formula and load it into the feeding pump for her night feed, prepare her epotin shot and shepard both Chris and Kajsa into the bedroom long enough to calm Kajsa, stab Kajsa and then re-calm Kajsa. No, I don’t give the shots. That, folks, is exactly where I draw the line.
  13. Chris got a new fish on Wednesday. And  although it only cost $2.50 (initially), there is copious research to be done. He must know the proper temperature of the tank for this fish. That way he can add up the ideal temperatures for each fish and then divide the sum to find his mean aquarium temperature. He also needs to know how it finds its “happy place". This way Chris can ascertain how many caves to create out of driftwood and where to strategically place the plants. It is all much more complicated than, we, the non-fishluvers would ever guess. So there was no way that I was going to have any computer time yesterday.

So, I’m sorry that I didn’t get my
Thursday 13 up by Thursday, but I kind of have a life sometimes. I can only hope that you all missed me.

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15 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. You, my friend, have quite a busy life. Cool about the snow–I just don’t expect to hear about that in Arizona. I would love to see Kajsa wiggling. And—that school for Maya sounds very cool.

  2. Doesn’t it, though? I’m very excited about the learning expeditions.

    Kajsa is a rather ambitious wiggler. I think she’s finally starting to realize that if she doesn’t wiggle while I’m dressing her, I will feel more like joining in the wiggling when we finish.

    There’s snow in the mountains of AZ. We just haven’t had any yet because of the extreme drought that we’re in the middle of. 90 days and counting.

    And busy? Compared to you, I don’t think so! But thanks for the validation , anyway? 😉

  3. My head was spinning just reading about your day. And who knew a fish could cause one to think so much. I’m happy to remain pet-free. I don’t eat animals, and I don’t feed them either. Great 13. 🙂

  4. Hello JK:
    Good to see you. Hmmmm…If I could ever figure out how to load a video link, that just might be possible.
    Happy weekend to you, too.

    I spent many, many years avoiding pets like the plague. But Chris is just one of those people. We have, let me see,
    10 fish
    1 dog for our house, but 5 on the property
    a cat (outdoor)
    and a goat
    We used to have 21 chickens, but they were plucked off by coyotes.
    It’s a wild (domestic?) life around here.

  5. Man, if you all can keep fish alive, you’re my heros! We have two tanks, and we’ve learned to only buy the sturdiest of fish! Two medical needs kids I’ve managed to make thrive, and I can’t keep from flushing the fish… 😦

    I didn’t like Love Boat because I didn’t like it nearly as much as Fantasy Island. Don’t get me wrong, I totally watched it, but it just seemed like the same old stories over and over. Kiss kiss, blech! (I was under 10 at the time.) Plus they threw Charo on every chance they got! Maybe I would have dug the romance more if I’d been older? As it was, I liked the more freaky aspect of Fantasy Island, and my parents let me stay up late that night to watch it! Good times!

  6. Hero. Singular. I have no interest in fish.

    You were born in 70, right? That makes me just a shy year older than you, at most. Perhaps that made all the diffence in the world. But don’t get me wrong. I thought Fantasy Island was great.

  7. I think I would like LB more now, because I also didn’t appreciate the beautiful scenery at the time. You must have just been far more mature than I! 🙂

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