What was I thinking?


If there’s one thing about my kitchen that grosses me out,
it’s the sponge. I have to tell you that
the mere idea of touching it truly gives me the heeby jeebies. If I wasn’t so environmentally inclined, I’d
break down and find some disposable cloth for washing my dishes. And that is the reason that my microwave has
gotten far more sponge action that it ever has food. (Poor, hungry appliance.)

Yep, I hate washing dishes. In fact, I’d rather clean a toilet. At least you have a stick between you and the chore. And that is why Maya’s main household task is
doing all dishes around the house. But,
alas, she is off spending the night with a friend today.

Well dishes must be done. I figured it was time to begin training the next dish slave. Speaking of training, we are moving right
along in the potty training arena. Kajsa
spends most of her time at home in a shirt, socks and panties, waiting to tell
us when she has to go “POTTY NOW! PANTIES OFF!”

So there we were at the sink. I was scrubbing along with Kajsa standing
next to me on the little stool helping. OK, she was really playing in the bubbles and having a grand old time
throwing suds and bits of partially masticated gag-inducing food at my
face. But it was a great Mommy-Kajsa
bonding moment so I (gracefully) dealt with it.

All of a sudden I heard, “OH NO, OH NO, OH NO!!!” Looking down I could see that Kajsa was about
to fall off of her stool as she spread her legs as wide as they could go to try
to escape the warm flow. Ohhhh…warm
flow. Yep, one of the worst ideas when
potty training, would be to stick a
toddler’s hands into warm water. So off we
ran into the bathroom to free her from her soggy little Dora panties and give
her a chance to try to pee in the potty.

Walking back into the kitchen I was greeted with a nice wet step
stool and a considerable puddle on the floor. And wouldn’t you just know it, looking around there wasn’t a paper or
hand towel in sight. Oh well. It looks like we’ll be buying yet another new


13 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. Oh no!

    We always joke that if the crime lab people ever come here with their spiffy alternate light sources, we’ll be in big trouble. Our house is positively COVERED in bodily fluids, between the potty training, my kids’ noses that bleed at the drop of a hat, and the fact that they can’t NOT throw up at least once a day. It’s just bad here…

    Hope Kajsa gets potty trained soon! That’s the toughest milestone I’ve had so far with any of my kids.

  2. Hi Running2Ks! I figured you would. You are, after all, a self proclaimed neatnik. Is everyone potty trained at your house. I can’t remember if K2 is fully, or not.

    On a more technical note, I can’t get your feed to come through BlogLines these days. Did you change something?

  3. K2 is fully–and through the night. I had been having SOS put her to bed and he’d been “forgetting” pullups for weeks. I just found that out. Fingers crossed. But we’ve had our share of training fun over the years 🙂

    I didn’t change anything on bloglines. I’ll double check it. Anyway, you are fancy with a feedreader. I go with the schedule I set up for myself–so I never know when people update.

  4. I did that for a long time. But then I’d get busy and forget where I left off. Now I can be my normal ditzy self. When something new pops up, I go there. I usually keep the bloglines page open all the time and just open up individual blogs as I have free time. It makes it low key. And heven knows, I need that!

  5. Hilarious and adorable kid content in this post and really evokes the memories from my kids when they were much, much smaller!

    I dislike doing the dishes big time and I hate the cloth/sponge. Now I try and soak the thing in vinegar every time I am done with it for a while. At least then it doesn’t stink when I come back to it.

    We have dog lice at our house, so doing dishes has become my second least favourite thing to deal with!

  6. Eeew! Gawdessness, that is truly horrible. I feel for you…really I do.
    I’m glad that I could bring some joy to what sounds like a rather grotesque time for you.
    Oh, and the vinegar sounds like a great idea. I’ll have to try it. Thank you.

  7. I’ve wiped up many wet, warm puddles working in daycare. The advantage to that scenario is that you HAVE to wear gloves and use paper towels as well as a mild soap/water/bleach solution. Fun times!

    I don’t mind dishes, and I try to get the dishes/pots/pans clean before actually using the sponge. I always make sure the sponge air dries between uses. And replace often. Also, pouring baking soda and vinegar over the sponge and letting it sit for a bit, the squeezing it out, is great. I do love the baking soda/vinegar combination with a passion. It’s good for everything.

    My mother in law has a peculiar, but very “clean” way of doing dishes. First she rinses all the dishes in the smaller sink with the disposal, then she plugs up the bigger sink and fills it with warm water and a bunch of soap.Then she takes out a clean WASHCLOTH and puts the clean dishes in the sink with the warm water/soap and washes them with the cloth and then rinses them off int he smaller sink. That washcloth is only used once or twice before being thrown in the laundry. Of course, you need to have the luxury of a garbage disposaland two sinks – which I don’t have. Alright, enough sponge talk – but good job getting Maya to do the dishes!

  8. Oh thanks, Miriam. Actually, it was Chris’ doing. For years, he observed my squeemishness. And being the smart guy that he is, figured out a way to discontinue that without having to actually do them himself.

    Now we know the real reason kids have chores. It is not to prepare them for life on their own. Nay, I say, it is to get out of doing the gross stuff, ourselves. 😉

    Your MIL sounds like she has a very sanitary way of handling it. Alas, I have one sink, no disposal, and have to go to the laundromat. Oh well.

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