It’s Howdy Doody Time


Let’s hear some comments from The Peanut Gallery!

According to Paper Napkin it is National De-lurking week.

So if you’re a regular who’s been just sitting in the wings,
please come out and give a big ole Howdy Doody.

I’d love to hear from you.


And to keep you entertained, I leave you with Howdy’s 48 rules
of life. Enjoy!

  1. Always wash you hands before meals and snacks…with soap.
  2. Never use a guest towel unless you’ve thoroughly washed your hands first,
    and don’t use them to dry your dog after his bath.
  3. Don’t pick your teeth with a knife or other sharp objects; that’s why they
    invented toothpicks.
  4. Brush your teeth twice a day, with toothpaste, whether you want to or not,
    it’s good for you.
  5. Floss your teeth twice a day, with dental floss, not kite string; it’s good
    for your gums.
  6. Never bite your nails and hangnails in public, no matter how much they bug
  7. Help others and treat them with respect.
  8. Remember the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them to
  9. Don’t interrupt when others are talking, no matter how boring they are.
  10. Always put your best foot forward, but keep it off other people’s pets and
    never insert it into your own mouth (don’t make a fool of yourself).
  11. Nobody likes a bragger.
  12. Always share your toys with others.
  13. Always say please and thank you.
  14. Always open and close doors for friends and strangers.
  15. Doing good things for others makes you feel better about yourself and the
  16. Always take turns.
  17. We can all make the world a better place and you can help!
  18. Don’t be mean.
  19. Always play nice!
  20. If somebody has the toy you want, wait your turn or get another one; it’s
    not that important!
  21. Never hit anyone with your hand, fist, foot, nose, or forehead.
  22. Never tease anyone about anything, they won’t like it and neither would you.
  23. It’s not polite to play with your food, even if it plays back.
  24. Try everything on your plate, no matter how bad it looks or smells. (This
    rule does not apply to raw oysters, octopus, or Brussels Sprouts.)
  25. Don’t complain about the food, no matter how bad it looks or smells. (This
    rule does apply to raw oysters, octopus, and Brussels Sprouts.)
  26. Only take one bite at a time.
  27. Always swallow your food before you drink.
  28. Always swallow before you talk.
  29. Never put your head, elbows, knees, ankles, or feet on the table!
  30. Take small bites. Large bites are an invitation for Aunt Millie to practice
    the Hiemlich maneuver!
  31. Always chew with your mouth closed and chew quietly, no matter how crunchy /
    noisy the food is.
  32. Never throw any food to your buddies or your grandfather. Passing the Jell-O
    is not a legal football play.
  33. Always ask for items to be passed, don’t reach across other people’s plates,
    a fork can be a dangerous weapon.
  34. Make sure everyone has been served at least once before copping seconds.
  35. Be sure everyone has been served before eating.
  36. Ask to be excused before leaving the table; try not to leave the table until
    everyone is finished.
  37. Never wash your hands in your water glass.
  38. Keep table noise to a dull roar and don’t laugh too loud.
  39. Keep your jokes and stories clean and tasteful. Just because you think
    "gross" is funny does not mean it will be appreciated by others.
  40. Never tell jokes on the host or hostess,no matter how much they deserve it.
  41. Napkins should always rest on your lap, not on your head.
  42. Always take off your hat before sitting down at the table,no matter how cool
    you think it is to wear it, backwards or not.
  43. Never take food from anyone else’s plate, especially the cat’s.
  44. Never point, tease or laugh-out-loud when somebody screws up at the table.
    We all do eventually.
  45. Never drink from the gravy boat; nobody’s gravy is that good…even Aunt
  46. Pets on the table are not a good idea, no matter how cute and well behaved
    Fluffy and Spot are.
  47. Always pass the food to the left, it prevents mashed-potato/gravy traffic
    jams and accidents.
  48. Never juggle your food, pets, or knives at the dinner table.


And finally just a happy little reminder from yours truly:



13 thoughts on “It’s Howdy Doody Time

  1. Okay, I may be a bit of a lurker. How’s everyone doing? Today is happy day, It’s the Friday of a 3 day weekend, It’s payday, the Seahawks are in the playoffs tomorrow, and I have a free work party to go to at the EMP tomorrow night (which means I have a babysitter!). The baby’s kicking already and we should hopefully find out what sex this little scoundrel is on the 31st (If it decides to cooperate).
    Love you guys bunches,
    Jenn, Michael and Elora

    p.s. Elora loves her shirt, she matches her daddy.

  2. amygeekgrl:
    Nice to hear from you. Yes, I agree — pets on the table are, generally, a poor idea.

    I hope you had a great time. I’m so glad to hear that baby “Y” is kicking! I can’t wait to hear what style of bambina you are having. I guess you’ll just have to take a picture of Elora and Michael together. 🙂

    Jake Silver:
    Welcome to my site. It’s nice to hear that I’m even being read by people I don’t know. I hope you enjoy it.

    As for the format, my father lost most of his sight recently and this is done in order to enable him to be able to keep up with the family. I am truly sorry if it causes inconvenience for others. But it’s my dad, you know?

    He should be getting some handy low vision software soon. When that happens the changes will occur on his end. If possible, I will at that time change the font back to a more universal format.

    You comment quite a bit. And I always enjoy it!

  3. Hi Rowan! Nice list! Regarding #8, The Golden Rule: Instead, I try to live by the Platinum Rule: “Treat others as you know they would want to be treated.” If I treated others how *I* would want to be treated, I’d get slapped a lot.

  4. That’s an excellent point, Dave. I’m so much harder on myself than I ever would be on another.
    But now I have a question:
    Does this mean I’m supposed to slap you next time I see you? I don’t think I’d like that very much. Oh, and then you wouldn’t be treating me as I wanted to be treated. Then we’d have to sit down and have some long drawn out philosophical conversation about it and…hey maybe that’s the answer. I think that’d probably tickle both our ideas of fun. I look forward to it. Chris and I really hope y’all can make it to the family reunion this summer. We’re hoping for a miracle — literally so that we can go.

    On another note, we got your card. It was perfect, and I can’t thank you enough. You are not only thoughtful, but kind, as well.

  5. It’s been awhile since I commented…sorry! Hope all is well.

    I don’t like dirty sponges either but I have been using the magic eraser lately and no matter how bad it gets you can spray it with the kitchen sink hose and it looks almost new!!!


  6. Rowan, first of all you are most welcome for the card!

    Secondly, it’s not that I want to get slapped, it’s just that, well, how I would want to be treated is likely much different than how someone else would want me to treat them, so if I actually did treat them the way I wanted to be treated it might be offensive to them, and may result in my face getting slapped, which would certainly mean, since I’m not into sado-anything, that I am not being treated by them as I want to be treated, but then if they are treating me how they want to be treated, well then maybe I should slap them back, but then they weren’t probably following the Golden Rule when they slapped me, let alone the Platinum Rule, and don’t want to be slapped but rather be treated differently by me in the first place. Glad I could straighten that out.

  7. Harmonia:
    I’ll have to check into that. Thank you.

    I am truly shocked that that did, in fact, clear things up a bit for me. Interestingly enough, I believe that you have been doing a pretty good job of following the golden rule in some places…and in some respects, you’ve been getting slapped around a bit for it.

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