Jake’s Meme


As seen on Running2Ks blog:

Based on the idea that YOUR LIFE is a MOVIE / TV SHOW / ETC…
“Because that’s what the world really needs…my glamorous existence
recorded on celluloid for all of time.”

1. What is the theme song of your

2. What
celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life?

  • Oh this
    one’s easy, Drew Barrymore. But not the
    Drew of this year or even last. I would
    want the Drew with boobs and a butt. Where
    are you Ms. Barrymore? We miss you.

3. If your life was a late night talk show,
who would GUEST HOST on your vacation days?

4. If your life was a
GAME SHOW, what sort of prizes would you offer?

  • I think that it would be fun to tailor each prize
    to its recipient. For instance, an
    economically challenged 18 year old might receive college tuition for a
    time. A chronically overweight
    contestant could win a year’s gym membership and appointments with personal
    trainers and a nutritionist. Stuff like

5. If
your life was a talk show and you could have ANY BAND be your permanent band,
what band would it be?

6. Again,
your life is a TV talk show, and the producers said you can have on ANY FOUR
GUESTS you want tonight, alive or dead, past or present… who do you pick?

  • Well…since I am kinda the boss queen of indecision,
    I think I’d have to go with themed quartets. For instance:
  • Once and for

Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and the Dalai Lama

  • One More

Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez

  • A One and a

Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and
Duke Ellington

  • One Good

Alice Walker, Kurt Vonnegut, Ayn Rand
and Steven King

  • Once upon a

William Shakespeare, Aesop, Mark Twain, the
Brothers Grim

  • One Liners

Whoopie Goldberg, Robin Williams, Steven Wright
and Eddie Murphy (circa 1984)

  • And finally – One

Mother Teresa, Gandhi, St. Francis of Assisi
and  Florence  Nightingale

7. Your
life is going to do an episode “on location” … to where?


8. They
are making the movie of your life — what director and / or screenwriter do you
want to be attached to the project?

9. They
told you that you can be a “guest” on any current or past TV show, one episode
only — what TV show do you choose to appear on?

10. They told you they have the power
to make a sequel to YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE that does NOT already have a sequel —
what movie do you choose?



I leave this MEME open for any and all of
you to try. Have fun.


2 thoughts on “Jake’s Meme

  1. I totally ralate to most of the characters that she plays. Just so long as I don’t start slipping into a little lisp, I should be OK.

    I hadn’t thought of my guest list as a week of programming. That’s pretty cool. But I’d hate to come up with such a group each week. I’d be so exhausted.

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