SantanativityI know.  I know.  Christmas is, like, so last week.  But for those of you who still haven’t had enough, I found this fantastically silly site today. 

My favorite item…the WTFWJD t-shirt.  Please say you get it so that I don’t have to spell it out for you. 
I so badly want to get this shirt for my mom.  I don’t know if she’d ever wear it outside of the house.  But I’m sure she’d laugh her head off when she saw it.Trollnativity

As for the troll aspects of Kitchmas,  Maya received a present from Chris’ aunt Corri with Christmas troll wrapping paper on it.  Oh, did that ever make my weird little heart go pitter pat.  I will be thoroughly searching the stores for this come next December.


7 thoughts on “KITCHMAS

  1. Love the WTFWJD t-shirt. How wonderfully vulgar.

    I want a chia pet, those tacky things have always called to me, but so far I have resisted. R2K’s suggested a “chia watch at ccw’s”, so I think I might have to get one to see how long it takes for me to kill it completely.

  2. ccw:
    Follow your bliss! What kind would you get — a hedgehog…a human head?
    I would watch your progress. It’s so much better than the pop culture countdowns on VH1.

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